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In Loving Memory of Amanda Marie Sheffer aka Nanderz

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For those who did not know Amanda she was an organ donor and saved the lives of 6 people. Luckily our family has had the blessing of meeting one of the recipients and her family. Laurie received Amanda's right lung, which literally saved her life. We are so thankful that Amanda was able to give the gift of life and that we got to meet Laurie and her wonderful family. We hope that one day we can meet the rest of the recipients.
Here is a copy of the letter that we received from Laurie in December. (2005)


Our family met Laurie's family on December 29th 2005. This is a picture of all of us (minus Laurie's oldest daughter Jennifer who we have not had the pleasure of meeting yet but we do talk to her) I cant even begin to explain how meeting them has helped our family.